True Hero Ties was started with a simple goal: to make a difference in the lives of America’s veterans.

Planning for the business began in January 2011. Since that day, we’ve worked to create a organization which allows people to connect with America’s veterans in an everyday manner. Within the first year, the business caught the attention of numerous media outlets, celebrities and most importantly, military servicemen and women.

As we’ve grown, True Hero Ties has found its true cause: to be a channel where everyday Americans can quietly yet proudly support their veterans. True Hero Ties’ goal is not to become a business which dictates where the consumer’s money goes, but rather empowers consumers to find the military support organization which tugs at their heart and support that organization with the purchase of a tie.

True Hero Ties officially launched on Veteran’s Day, 2011. Within two months of the launch, True Hero Ties raised over $5,000 for some of our nation’s best military support organizations. As the business has
grown from our apartments, it continues to expand because of our consumers.

Each week, we receive comments from parents of military servicemen and women, support from strangers and recommendations on other organizations that we should support. The connection with our customers and supporters has and will continue to act as our guiding light.

Thank you for visiting our website, and please do send us your thoughts on how we can continue to help America’s veterans. We hope you enjoy your tie and share our story with your network.


John, Ryan and Matt

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True Hero Ties was started to recognize and thank American veterans. Read More

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